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Kindness is a Currency.

I am including this writing because it is so lovely. It is a channeled piece that Metatron and the

Masters offered to my Celestial Connection community. I hope you enjoy it.

Kindness is a currency. While we spend much of our time working to earn money, it’s kindness

that is of utmost importance to the spiritual realm. In kindness, we look past our own ego

perceptions into the soul of another and offer light. That light can come in the form of service

or other sort of offering, but the underlying energy is sharing divinity. It comes without motive.

It is offered without intent for some return. We share it knowing on some level that our

connection and our communion is the union of our souls.


Live in the awareness that all of humanity benefits from a single offering. There is a spread of

light that reaches across the sky and into the hearts of those searching for warmth and

goodness. Yours is a space of kind words, and kind acts and deeds. We’d like to share that this is

of prime importance as we move into a great time of transformation. Put kindness at the top of

your to do list. Make it the first thing you think of as day dawns, the last thing you offer as you

rest in slumber. The fire that it creates can increase the soul shine and develop an unbelievable

shift on this planet. And it starts with a simple head nod, a look in the eye or offering light from

your heart center. 


They cost you only your focus, your awareness and sharing your light. True kindness cannot

diminish you this simple act can uplift so many that it would be hard to fathom. You have

probably heard before that the flame of a candle can light another without dimming its own



Trust that you have power. Trust that it has impact. Use it for the Light. For Thine is the

kingdom, and Thine will expand beyond time and space. Kindness on the Earth impacts

kindness on all planes. Rush not into your day without moving into your heart space with this

simple offering. While you might feel it has little impact, we would like to share an analogy.


Your kindness is a spark of light. That spark is catchy. You don’t know where it will smolder and

create a fire. You may never know who benefits and you don’t impact just the one you touch

with your kindness; you impact all that that being touches and so on. This light becomes a

stream of goodness that rests in hearts you have never met. One simple spark can raise the

collective consciousness in a way that supports our mission. Yes, you are on the same mission

as we are. We are here to deliver peace to the hearts of man. It starts with a single spark, a

single act and carries it out to the stars.


We offer you light today in an effort to share our spark with you. We hope that it touched you

and you continue to spread it. For where there is kindness, peace is possible. Where there is

peace, we find our journey is divine. 


With great love and light from the stars,

The Masters

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