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Bliss is the goal...

While I have always been a writer, I haven’t been much of a blogger. But I have a renewed

commitment to threading spiritual musings in this way. I am grateful to those of you who have

asked me to share more here and have chosen to be part of this conversation.

For those of you who are new here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary Clare, and I

am a spiritual teacher and an intuitive guide. My path started over 20 years ago when I had a

premonitionary dream that came true six months later; I wrote about that dream in the book I

coauthored with Susan Anthony, Awakened Faith. That dream woke me to the idea that there

was more going on in the world than we can see and touch. I was so intrigued. I started

studying, and I became passionate about understanding spiritual growth, mysticism, energy,

and consciousness. I was finding that there was more to the story about what it means to be

alive than I had understood… or perhaps I did know on some level but had placed my focus


When I was about eight, I remember riding in the back of my dad’s pick-up truck up the hill past

the library in the town I grew up in. My dad, my sister and I were transporting something

somewhere—that part of the story escapes me. But what I do remember vividly is the scene

and the feeling I had as we drove up that hill. It was summer and 80 degrees out. There was a

beautiful breeze. I was struck by the beauty of the tree that hugged the back side of the library.

Beams of sunlight were shining down through the branches and light glistened on the leaves.

The sky behind the tree was perfectly clear and a gorgeous shade of blue. That tree… it had

such a majestic presence! I remember the feeling in my heart as I took it in. It was as if heaven

was peeking through my eyes and marveling at this scene. It brought such a profound sense of

bliss within me.

I don’t remember having that feeling of bliss again until I started my spiritual journey. Life had

taken me other directions as I focused as so many of us do on fitting into the world around me.

But as I grew my spiritual practice and started to heal my life, I found it again and again. And

those moments started to string together. And along with that incredibly blissful feeling, I found

this amazing high-resolution clarity. My intuitive knowing started to grow. There is this

connection with the present that is hard to describe and a sense of knowing things and you

don’t know how you know. And I found that same sense of bliss I had riding in the back of my

dad’s pick-up truck when I was young marveling at that maple tree.

Remembering that incredible feeling kept me moving through the low points always feeling like

that bliss was the goal. There’s a line in the Course of Miracles that states, “Nothing real can be

threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” That is my quest, to find that

peace and to help anyone who wants to find it, access it themselves. To move beyond fear to a

complete sense of safety. To know ourselves in a profound way. To feel a deep connection to

Spirit. To know love intimately. And to know that each of us is worthy of living in this way all the


Have you felt that bliss? Please share in the comments what your experience has been.

Big peace and love,

Mary Clare

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