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We are all on a Divine path, working to grow our light. Healing work is a powerful tool to help us ascend, in other words, become lighter, increase our vibration and expand consciously.


There’s nothing more important than healing your mind, body, and soul. Healing work helps remove emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that free us and give us the peace and love we are seeking. It helps us evolve as a spiritual being, rising to our highest potential.


I work with some of the most powerful healing modalities known to us to help you heal your life, including soul level telepathic and Reiki healing. I apply them based on what you personally need. Whether you have trauma, behavioral issues, heart blocks or self-limiting beliefs in need of healing, we have many tools available to us to help you heal your life. With these different modalities, I will act as a channel for the healing, connecting you to the Divine team who guides and performs the work under the direction of your soul. As part of our work together, I will also provide you with healing tools so that you can take ownership of your healing.  

*Individual sessions, coaching programs and subscriptions available. Please fill out the contact form to learn more.

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