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Mary Clare Wojcik was on a path towards the perfect life: a loving husband, a beautiful home, and all the material possessions she could ever want or need. But even as the couple continued to climb the ladder of success, she always felt there was something missing — a hole no pair of designer shoes could ever fill.

And right when things should have been at their happiest for the young couple, disaster struck. Wojcik’s husband lost his job, creating an overwhelming amount of stress in the now deteriorating marriage.

In the midst of all this trouble, however, something amazing happened.

Awakened Faith can be purchased on, click the link below. Please also visit my blog to learn more about exploring and excavating aspects of life to know your true self — mind, body and spirit.


A sincere, smooth-flowing narrative that will hold particular appeal to those readers who seek links among traditional religion, science and New-Age spirituality. Many other works on these different topics are already available (some of which are cited in this book’s bibliography), but Wojcik’s use of the Lord’s Prayer is a compelling organizing construct. Overall, she offers a positive message and relatable, well-reasoned musings on her various themes. A gracefully executed exploration of the interconnectedness of different types of spiritual and scientific thought.

– Excerpt from the Kirkus Indie Review

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