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Finding our center.

In the last blog, I talked about finding bliss and a state of universal peace. If you are anything

like me, you are probably wondering so how do we get there? To me it’s about finding spiritual

alignment. And as I thought about the best way to communicate what that looks like, my guides

started talking to me about zero shadow days.

Zero shadow days are a phenomenon that happens on the spring and fall equinoxes (March

21st and September 22nd) along the equator. At noon on these days, the sun is at the zenith

point directly over the equator, and the light from the sun hits the ground at a perfect 90-

degree angle. Because the sun is directly overhead at this time, anything out in the sun will not

cast a shadow.

Zero shadow days offer insight into what living life aligned to our authentic self can mean.

When we live centered on our values, our passions, and our purpose, we are aligned with our

true essence and spiritual nature. There is no shadow—no chaos or imbalance. We are

energized. Life has flow and it doesn’t feel like work. We have clarity and a high-resolution lens

on life, and we are able to navigate obstacles with ease. We are better able to manage our

emotions when life challenges happen. We can better connect to others and navigate

relationships from a place of empathy, compassion, and service.

People who have found this alignment have that “It” factor; we marvel at their essence, the

grace they exude, the light they shine. We see how naturally and authentically they show up

and we often feel like we want that for ourselves. I remember an incredible teacher once saying

that if you can recognize it in someone else, you too have the ability to achieve it ourselves. We

can get there.

Finding our center is a journey of awareness and allowing. When we see ourselves as we truly

are without judgment or comparison; and when we allow what feels right and true to spring

forth from within us regardless of someone else’s judgment, we find our path. We follow our

bliss, and we live on purpose. Keep in mind that living on purpose doesn’t refer necessarily to a

vocation or profession; it is a day-to-day arrival into the present guided by Spirit and open to

the experience, intentionally.

When we find ourselves off center and see our shadow, we realize we are out of alignment. We

bring awareness to what pulled us off center. That is the work—living from our center and with

awareness and presence moving back to center by investigating why we feel off, negative or off

balance and healing that separation. And there are many great tools we use to get us back to

our zenith point.

Have you experienced zero shadow days?

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