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Want to tap away your worries? It may be just as simple as that!

My girlfriend, Laura, often says "everyone has a crazy pile." What she means by that is everyone has a pile of stuff in need of healing. No judgment here--I have my own too. BUT contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds, we do. We heal our wounds. Thinking that pushing them down or pushing them away will do the trick only finds them haunting us later--most likely at the most inopportune time or in a way that looks very different than the original hurt. Been there, done that?

In studying spirituality over the last 25 years, I have discovered that the goal of being here on Earth is finding our way back to the wholeness of who we are. It's being so in love with our lives that we love every aspect of ourselves, and we heal anything that separates us from that wholeness—that we leave nothing unsaid, undone, unturned. Everything is accepted and forgiven. Love becomes so immersed within us that we have a deep knowing of our true essence, and Love becomes who we are. Getting there doesn’t have to be hard…in fact it can be as simple as letting go of fear and moving into love. For some that may be simple. For others (including me) it takes more effort.

I love finding tools where I see great results. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping) was just that. I was introduced to EFT during the Covid stay at home period. To be honest, I resisted trying it but decided to attend an introductory session with a practitioner to support her. Little did I know what a favor she was doing me! I had a profound healing experience using EFT. And as I dug deeper, I found that EFT is a powerful tool to:

  • Release unresolved hurts, anxiety and stress

  • Release blocked emotions

  • Heal limiting beliefs

  • Resolve traumatic memories

  • Provide relief for addictions

What I especially love about EFT is that it helps us have greater access to our subconscious mind and understand the source of the issue, as well as the results people see! (See the testimonials at the end of the blog for some examples.)

What the heck is EFT, you ask?

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping uses the same energy meridians traditional acupuncture has used to treat physical and emotional ailments for over 5,000 years, but without the invasiveness of needles. It combines tapping on your meridian endpoints with statements about the specific issue you want relief from, as well as positive affirmations. It sounds super simple, but it is very powerful.

EFT can be used as a self-help method. It can also be done with a practitioner to work with general or specific issues, whether it’s to reduce the intensity of fears, doubts and worries about specific concerns in life, heal limiting beliefs, addictions or traumatic memories. You can also use EFT to find a greater sense of peace and calm or to achieve greater excellence and performance in sport or a business achievement. (If you want to work through deeper issues, I highly recommend working in conjunction with a practitioner.)

You're invited!

Are there things in your crazy pile you are ready to let go of? If you're struggling with unresolved resentments, stress, or anxiety, feeling hurt or wounded, struggling with limiting beliefs, addictions, or traumatic memories, see what EFT can do for you.

Contact me to receive a complimentary half hour discovery session to discuss how EFT can help you.

Want to know what results people have seen? Check out these testimonials

Finding root causes that date back to childhood and healing an addiction to sweets

I have had the pleasure of experiencing multiple healing techniques working with Mary Clare over the last 7 years. They have all been wonderful and had their time and place. Most recently we used EFT. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I will admit I resisted the work (finding the story) a bit at first as it was different and forced me to be extremely specific. I quickly learned my ego did not want to be specific as it wanted to keep living in the stories!!

Mary Clare was very patient with me and helped guide me to finding and expressing the story. In doing the physical tapping I could feel the story in my body, and I could feel it leave my body more and more each round. What I found incredibly interesting is that the root of the "problem" was often very different from the emotion I had been living with.

For example: we would tap on the frustration I experienced when my boyfriend forgot about Valentine's day, and I felt unloved. As we tapped on this emotion it took me on a journey to the real root which ended up being sadness and that sadness started long ago as a child from my relationship with my mom.

We also tapped on my addiction to sweets, and I no longer use sweets to suppress my emotions. I do still crave chocolate from time to time but I have a much healthier relationship with food and I no longer over eat the chocolate when I do choose to eat it.

What I love about this work is I am involved in the healing, it feels empowering. It also forces me to get a little uncomfortable and to grow. I also love that it is incredibly effective. I felt the difference immediately and what we have released has not returned. Pro tip: it is easier the more you allow yourself to be open and turn down your resistance. :)

I highly recommend trying this healing technique. It has helped me uncover more of myself and heal S%!& I have been hanging onto my entire life!


Healing hip pain, as well as fear of judgment and loss

There is no one that I would recommend more than Mary Clare. Her intimate dedication to every moment with me and her genuine care is unmatched. It truly felt like me and her were tackling my issues together as a team unit. I came to an understanding that in no way was I alone in my healing journey, and I knew that I could count on her to never give up on me no matter what. She is, and will be, your number one fan and cheerleader. She had such a gift of guiding me throughout the process, making me feel fully capable of my own healing, and giving me such confidence in times that I felt so weak. She is a mentor, the most beautiful gift to this planet, and an actual angel that is here to help bring us back to ourselves. She uncovered the deepest roots within me that I didn’t know existed causing my 10-month hip pain to completely heal, releasing deep fears that have held me hostage for the majority of my life such as my attachment to the fear of judgement and loss, and helped guide me back to my authentic self. I am the best version of myself that I have ever been. I did not know that I could feel this free and safe mentally, physically, and emotionally. She is a massive blessing and I will forever be grateful for her insurmountable love, attention, dedication, and patience.


Finding peace in the loss of a granddaughter, as well as courage to let go of a toxic relationship

I came to tapping as a way to find peace within myself over the death of my 20-year-old granddaughter who was killed by a drunk driver 1 year ago and the toxic relationship with her mother who blocked me from the lives of rest of grandkids and herself.

After the first session, I felt calmer and could feel something release. I continued to feel freer in my emotions in the next sessions. Tapping gave me courage to let go of my 41 yr old daughter and her toxic relationship with me. By the end of our sessions, I knew I needed to take care of me, and I cannot control how my daughter acts. I also feel better about my stress surrounding my granddaughter and her death. What I knew in my mind and what I felt in my heart have met in the middle. Tapping has helped me release my emotions of sadness, anger and confusion in dealing with all of this.


Big peace and love,

Mary Clare

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