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What you are meant to do keeps calling to you until you pay attention. All of my life I have been drawn to spirituality and understanding what it means to be alive, but it wasn’t until something happened that grabbed my attention that I truly turned my focus towards the Light. As I wrote about in my book Awakened Faith, I had a dream in March of 2001 that came true 6 months later (9/11), and I felt called to really understand my spiritual gifts. I have been on a quest to understand, practice and teach spirituality ever since.


I know from experience that life doesn’t always seem like our friend. Those of us who are spiritually gifted and sensitive sometimes have an even harder time because we experience the world in ways others can’t comprehend, and we don’t understand why we don’t feel at home here. If you are feeling lost or stuck, know that there is peace and joy available to you. Life’s journey can be magical when you understand who you are from a soul level and live your Divine purpose and plan.


As a spiritual coach, healer, teacher and author, it is my honor to guide your journey and help you create a life that brings you peace, joy and fulfillment in your heart. Together let’s transform life’s challenges into the magic you want and deserve.

Thank You Mary Clare for helping me on this journey into “Me”.  Your course “Awaken the Goddess Within” and book “Awakened Faith” were such a wonderful starting point for me.  Also, the added personal coaching sessions and various tools/modalities that you used certainly gave me the confidence to be “Me” and feel “ALIVE”.  I truly believe that you helped me get to the cellular level of “Me”. I’m so glad our paths met.   I guess you could say that you’ve now birthed another “Goddess."


When I first asked MC to help my sweet son, he was an anxiety mess. He had little frustration tolerance resulting in nasty temper tantrums, crying and kicking. He had low self confidence. School was hard for him so he went to math and language tutors for help. Going to the tutor often resulted in a tantrum.

Today I called MC with a full on smile in my heart. I had just spoken to Ryan's math tutor. She asked what happened to Ryan and what we were doing differently. She said he has been focused and pleasant. He doesn't get upset when things go wrong. He is learning and retaining information. I have noticed that he is more confident and best of all he is happy!! 


My experience with Mary Clare has been nothing short of magic.  Her coaching program is unlike any other. Our work together helped me break through patterns and stuck emotions, find my true purpose and find meaningful work.  She also helped me to connect with my soul.  Doing the hard work with Mary Clare at my side is what really made my breakthrough; my life has shifted tremendously as a result of working with her. I highly recommend her coaching program to anyone who is ready to shift into the life they were born to live!



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