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Filling Empty Spaces

If you have experienced trauma, you know the impact in can have on your ability to function. As I reflected on trauma -- my own and others'-- trauma and the healing journey, I was inspired to write about it. I hope this poem holds beauty for you as you work towards self-love and self care.

Bright Blessings, Mary Clare

Photo credit @Doc Jon


Many ships have set sail while I on the shore sat

quiet, healing, digging deep for the truth.

There are no sandcastles here, only

stories shadowed by pain, and walls

built to keep me safe.

My light dimmed and shadowed by pain and trauma.

Hurts I can hardly express.

My voice soft and shallow,

knowing no one will ever truly understand.

My heart had lost its home.

Leaving emptiness in my eyes,

And stiffness in my joints.

I cannot focus on ships.

Instead, I allow

waves of peace to meet me,

nurturing my soul and healing

my brokenness.

I allow the life-giving sea to reawaken my essence.

Rays of light, pulsing, growing, stretching

releasing the ache I have carried,

Washing away what hurts,

Allowing strength, and power and beauty,

to fill my empty spaces

Until at last

I find me.

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