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Mindful lessons from Indiana Jones

In the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc, there’s a scene where Indiana Jones is running through an Egyptian market. He turns and pauses as he notices the crowds parting, finding himself face-to-face with an Arab swordsman.

Preparing to fight, the swordsman does some wicked sword work with his scimitar. Indiana Jones squares off, preparing to fight with his usual weapon, the whip. He pauses—you can see the weariness in his eyes. You sense the energy of “I’m so over this” in his posture. Suddenly, he shifts his energy, pulls out a revolver and shoots the swordsman down.

Like Harrison Ford, we now find ourselves in an unlikely casbah. We are facing off with the situation none of us have ever known before. If we follow Indiana’s lead on this, what can we do to impact how things turn out?

️Mindfulness helps us make observations about the world around us that we might miss otherwise. It helps us gain an awareness of what’s going on in our mind, our body and our external environment in the present moment.

️* We can practice the pause.

In that sacred space we now see we have options. Instead of acting from a habit or pattern, we see in detail what’s going on and the options and opportunities in front of us.

️* We can shift our energy.

We now choose our response and not just react. We see that we can impact how things turn out.

*️We can choose a different weapon. Instead of grabbing for fear and anxiety, we now see other options. We can access our inner light. We can hold peace and love in your hearts and stream it out to others. People don’t need to be within 6 feet or even the same country to feel it. That nurturing energy can nourish them. It can help them feel safe and loved. It can help them know they are not alone.

In my book, Awakened Faith, I share a quote from Susan Anthony that really helps us see the bigger picture in all of this:

“People don’t understand the power we have through our individual thoughts and actions as energy beings to have a positive or negative effect on the world... Every positive thought and action indeed lifts us up… We do it by tuning in. We connect and commune with God and maintain an open heart. We work in harmony with God’s universal energy. We become beacons that light the way for others. And when we go outside the walls of what the physical world says is possible, amazing things happen.”

Much peace and love,

Mary Clare

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