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Dream a beautiful dream and go there often

I had a chance to talk to Susan Anthony this week, my coauthor with the book, Awakened Faith. I was finding that I, myself, needed to get out of my head and reconnect with my heart.

These are crazy times in the world feels upside down. It’s in these times that the alarm system in our brain goes off, and we can find ourselves in a state of fear and anxiety. This response can take us out of our heart and into her head and can cause all kinds of warnings signals to go off. Physically, our bodies will release cortisol to prepare us for “fight or flight.” Spiritually, this creates an auric fog around us which can cause us to feel alone and scared. It’s so important in these moments to remember that we are Divine made. It’s important to reconnect with God/Source so we can find that peace and clarity that will carry us through and help us create something different. 

Through prayer and meditation, we can quiet the brains alarm system. We can move back to a state of peace within ourselves. We can become a high-vibrating source of peace and love and share it with others who also need it right now. Go into your heart space. Then dream of the world you want to bring. Dream a beautiful dream and go there often. When you’re mind wants to create fearful stories, change it and bring your beautiful story back around. Feel how wonderful it will be when your beautiful dream happens. Share your dream with others to bring it more to life. Together we can cocreate the beautiful world we want to live in.

Much peace and love,

Mary Clare

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