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Ghosts of the People We Have Been

If we are truly only who we are in the present moment, than everything that anchors to the past is in itself a haunting. We may need look no further than the mirror to find the ghosts that walk among us. The faint lines, the blurred picture that fades in and out.

Looking deep into our own eyes, we may see the outline of something we don’t recognize…don’t want to recognize. We may find lingering regret… or overlooked dreams. We find remnants of life experiences that hurt us, making us feel separate and unworthy. Unloved and unlovable. The reminders of experiences once lived that keep us headed the wrong direction.

If we remain gripped to that past self… if we choose to hang on instead of letting go, we remain off center—a blurry interpretation of the person we are meant to be, reliving a past we so much want to let go of.

Our sacred source will continue to send reminders to let what has passed die. To unearth what makes us cave in on ourselves—and shed it. Knowing that if we let go, we will remember the essence of who we really are. And in our next breath feel whole, at peace and loved.

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