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Working with Spiritual Light

I was recently asked how you work with spiritual light energy. Here’s my response.

Working with spiritual light energy is done through visualization and projection. The better you are at visualization, the easier this is. The more open your heart, the more power your projection will have.

First, you have to know what you are trying to achieve. It is peace, harmony, joy, or healing. Knowing the intention will help you determine which color you want to use (there is a table in the Awakened Faith’s Appendix that provides a list of colors for various intentions.)

Once you know your intent, you can decide how you are going to use the light. Focusing on the color, you visualize and project the light. For example, if the goal is harmony, you can picture rose-colored light in your energy field. You can offer it as an intention or blessing to others.  I use rose-colored light a lot when I am driving. Lord knows we could use more harmony there!

Yellow is the color of joy. So if you are feeling down or want to lift someone else’s mood you can picture yellow light moving up through your body or you can offer it as a silent intention to someone else. Copper is the color of healing. If people are not feeling well, often I will tell them to send copper light to the area of their body that needs healing. Copper and yellow used together with the intent to heal physically will raise their energy level while they heal.

Bright blessings, Mary Clare

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